Tuesday, June 11, 2013

¡3 Días Hasta España! [3 Days Until Spain!]

Estoy Estudiando en el Extranjero en España: University Entrance

Este verano, viajaré España con el Departmento de Lenguas Extranjeras de la Universidad del Sur de Alabama. El propósito de mi viaje para aprenderé más español. Mis compañeros de clase y yo estamos estudiando a la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.El viaje empezará en este sábado que es decimoquinto de junio.
Cuatro estudiantes y yo llegaremos in Madrid a las siete y cuarto de la manaña. La universidad tendrá transportación a Cuenca. En Cuenca, viviré con un familia de Cuenca. Mi meta aprederé hablar en español con fluidez y comprenderé la cultura de el país. Durante de últimos de tres años, me he enamorado de español. Despues de que mi viaje, sabé que voy amor con español aún más.

Mientras estaré en España, no tendré un teléfono celular de estados unidos. Mi familia y amigas hablarán conmigo por Skype, Facebook, y e-mail. No estoy contento sobre no tener un teléfono celular de estados unidos porque no puedo evitar mensajes de texto todos los días. Y no puedo llamar mis amigas por Facetime en mi iPhone.

Aunque no tengo communicación por mi iPhone, estoy muy feliz sobre esta experiencia. Esta noche, empezé empacar mis maletas. ¡No puedo esperar volar a España! Culture Picture

English Translation: Studying Abroad in Spanish

This summer, I will visit Spain with the Foreign Languages Department of The University of South Alabama. The purpose of my trip is to learn more Spanish. My classmates and I are studying at the University of Castilla. The trip will begin this Saturday, which is the fifteenth of June.

Four students and I will arrive in Madrid at 7:15 in the morning. The University will have transportation to Cuenca. In Cuenca, I will live with a family from Cuenca. My goal is to learn how to talk fluently in Spanish and understand the culture of the country. During the past three years, I have fallen in love with Spanish. After my trip, I know that I will love Spanish even more.

While I am in Spain, I will not have a cellphone from the United States. My family and friends will talk to me through Skype, Facebook, and e-mail. I am not excited about not having a cellphone from the United States because I will not be able to send text messages all day. And I will not be able to Facetime my friends on my iPhone.

Although I don't have communication from my iPhone, I am very happy about this experience. Tonight, I began packing my suitcases. I cannot wait to fly to Spain!


  1. Amy, I hope you have a fantastic experience in Spain! Although you won't be able to Facetime or text, I think you'll find the other forms of communication are good alternatives. When I blog on my travels I make a point to jot down thoughts and ideas as they occur during the day in draft form on blogger (so that I don't forget about them), then publish when I have an internet connection.

    Best wishes!

  2. Congrat Amy! I would love to visit Spain myself. Your iPhone separation may just cause you to more fully focus on your surroundings and the experience. Keep a little journal and jot down ideas during the day and you can compose blog entries as time permits. I can't wait to read about your adventure!

  3. I will be following you. I loved Spain and expect you will too!

  4. You can get a very inexpensive cell phone with texting capabilities in Spain. And you can take your iPhone and when you can get on the Internet use it, including FaceTime. Just be sure to turn off all roaming capabilities. Go to Settings. Go to General Go to Cellular. Turn All 3 choices OFF. Go back to Settings. Go to WiFi. Turn ON. Then you will be able to use only WiFi. You will incur no charges but have access to Facebook, FaceTime, Skype and Google+ Hangouts as well as the Internet. we are specializing in Hangouts this semester. Check the Class Blog for more information. I will create a Google+ Circle with several of us in it so maybe we can do a Hangout with you in Spain.

  5. For other readers: Cuenca is about 100 miles east (and alittle south) of Madrid.

    It is about 150 or so miles from Barcelona but by car according to Google you would drive about 400 miles - first southeast to the coast and the northwest to Barcelona.

    I wish I were going. Spain is a fabulous place to visit!

  6. Para otros lectores: Cuenca es de unos 100 kilómetros al este (y el sur añadir algo) de Madrid.

    Se trata de unos 150 o más millas de Barcelona, ​​pero en coche según Google que le conduzca a unas 400 millas - primera sureste de la costa y el noroeste de Barcelona.

    Ojalá yo fuera. España es un lugar fabuloso para visitar!

    Traducción de Google

  7. Thank you all! I am so excited to be sharing my experience with you!

    Dr. Strange: I have figured out how to use my iPhone through WiFi, and it is working out well! I am able to keep in contact with my friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Also, we discovered an app called "whatsapp", and through this app anyone can text other uses through WiFi. The app cost approximately $0.99, but it is well worth it! Thank you for your information regarding Cuenca!